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Those who are becoming Illuminati, are not drawn into false narratives designed to sway the masses. We stand above the script, on the shoulders of men & women who will not be divided by your hate, bigotry, or racism. We defend humanity, not humanities bullshit~ Those violently taking to the streets in irrational & weaponized […]

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Is the Illuminati, the Light?

  I have noticed some confusion about what it means to follow the Light, verses following the Illuminati. It seems as if some folks are unable to make the distinction between the two, and I would like to help clarify this, for those who are unaware there is a difference. Is the Illuminati the Light?  […]

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Warning, EPIC RANT!!

Pissy Pot Pie here!! Fair warning: If you are offended by colorful language, back out of this article ASAP. Here we go…. One thing I cannot stand, is when you are in a conflict with someone, and they justify their position or poor choices, by bringing up what they believe to have been yours! I […]

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The Illuminati MP

  There you are Beacons! As many of you are aware, the Community in the Illuminati Member’s Portal has been down for over a year and a half now. That is an inordinate amount of time, when you consider the Community was only open for 9 months to begin with. For those of you who […]

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Customary Credits

When citing the work of others, it is customary to give them credit. If you pass someone else’s work off as your own, is akin to intellectual property theft. The following is from another forum, most forms include a version of this Vital information. This is just an example. For clarity, please add the name […]

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Do not feed the trolls!

“Trolls” are internet bullies who find pleasure in disrupting conversation, often in an unkind,  crude, or even vile manner. Not all trolls are obvious. Many are far more sophisticated, but they can be easily spotted as they are consistently contrarian, regardless of topic.  Often contrarians will frame their objections with love and Light but make […]

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Apparently, I am not “over” whatever it is that I am going through. And quite frankly, I don’t really want to be. As bizarre as it all sounds to the untrained ear, there is something afoot, and I am fully adrift on the frequency fancy free to explore whatever it is. Whatever this is, I […]

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I AM Forgiving~

I am not one to drudge up the past, unless I am still healing, and still need to vent the gases while I cure. For me, forgiveness is a process, not an instant ‘get out of jail free’ card. It takes time for me to digest and release, because part of my process is mining […]

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God’s Penis?

God is a Man?!?! WAIT! WHAT?? Ummm NO. That won’t be working for me, preacher mans! I am sorry, but even as a child, I could not think of the our Divine Creator, as someone who has a penis. I always sort of thought of this being, as an omni-present Mastermind of some kind, but […]

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Resigned to Unity

I fell on my sword, believing I have failed IAM.  But make no mistake Beloved Beacons, I did not renounce my loyalty, I only resigned from their public outreach. I understand better than most, this movement is about uniting our species, not engaging in leadership pissing contests. Or so I thought.  I have unwittingly caused […]

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There you are! Welcome~

Thank you so much for stopping by. I truly appreciate having an audience in you. This is where I share my heart about the things that occur to me.

This is the breeding ground for my books. So really, if you cannot afford them, a lot of the content comes from here.

It is my sincerest hope that you find something here that helps you along your path towards becoming the very best version of YOU, you can be!

May the Light guide us all, towards greatness!


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