Living Leadership~

My leadership is alive and evolving. Anyone who was around in the early days of Illuminatiam’s Public Outreach know, I had NO sights on leadership when I got here.  IN fact, I told IAM on more than one occasion, I am no leader. However, I could cheer-lead in an effort to help them find those […]

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Becoming Illuminati~

I get asked all the time how to join, and if I can help someone become a full member. As if this were a country club that was open to a friends of a friend recommendation. I get it, I was ignorant about Secret Societies when I first started too. I still am, really. However, […]

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Veiled, but not hidden~

Well… DAMN! The veil must have been super thin over Solstice, and the few days leading up to it. Because I caught a glimpse of something that was previously veiled to me. I suddenly found myself very much ‘in love’ with a man I have not yet met, nor is even on my radar. I […]

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The shadow of Leadership~

Leadership is not for everyone.It truly is a path less traveled. And with good reason! I certainly did not think it was for me, and really did my best to avoid it. But in order to successfully accomplish my life’s goal, it is a necessary skill I must continue to develop and perfect. I invite […]

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There you are! Welcome~

Thank you so much for stopping by. I truly appreciate having an audience in you. This is where I share my heart about the things that occur to me.

This is the breeding ground for my books. So really, if you cannot afford them, a lot of the content comes from here.

It is my sincerest hope that you find something here that helps you along your path towards becoming the very best version of YOU, you can be!

May the Light guide us all, towards greatness!


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