Code Blue

Talk about the BLUEs… I am still seeing red!! I‘m so disappointed in this guy, I never want to see or hear from him again! If you knew how our relationship actually was… you would find the laughable irony in that statement that I do!!  You would also know I miss him more than words […]

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19 At almost 59, I can finally see with crystal clarity, what once was hidden from me. A shadowy veil has lifted I wasn’t aware of, because I could still see through it. I have never really let anyone inside of me, since he almost killed 19. Although I was able to find a way […]

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Initiate Bullies.

bul·ly1                           INITIATE BULLIES  /ˈbo͝olē/ a person who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those whom they perceive as vulnerable. Similar: persecutor, oppressor, tyrant, tormentor Bullying is not limited to picking on someone weaker. I have seen adult bullies pick on those they just don’t like, regardless of […]

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There you are Beacons! I wanted to get this on the record for you guys, for future reference. This is my evidence, and why I think The Illuminati cares deeply those, who have been subject to the worst our species can dish out.  I think they are as mortified as I am, by mans inhumanity […]

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Worth her weight~

For every women who has suffered abuse of any kind: This is for you, dear Goddess… The measure of this women is not only found in her public victories, those always speak for themselves. But rather in the battles she keeps hidden, that have been painfully fought and won, in private. It is she who […]

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Divide & Conquer

In the Illuminati’s Public Outreach, unity has not come easily to us. We have come from all 4 corners of the globe, with a plethora of cultural backgrounds, ideologies and language barriers. While we all have come to fly under the same banner and ideals, we are not all the same -not by any stretch […]

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I am long suffering, and I am as loyal as they come. However, there are somethings that are straight up deal breakers for me in a relationship. Those that constantly take my “inventory’, especially after being asked not to, are removed from my life. I am quite capable of examining my own behavior. In fact, […]

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There you are! Welcome~

Thank you so much for stopping by. I truly appreciate having an audience in you. This is where I share my heart about the things that occur to me.

This is the breeding ground for my books. So really, if you cannot afford them, a lot of the content comes from here.

It is my sincerest hope that you find something here that helps you along your path towards becoming the very best version of YOU, you can be!

May the Light guide us all, towards greatness!


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