Delicious Rumor Control!

HOLA, Beacons!

I certainly hope this finds you ALL on the corner of HaPpy & Healthy!

Have you ever started a rumor about yourself or your work? I have done it twice now, and I highly recommend it. It is great fun to see how long it takes to comes back to you. It is fascinating how the rumor morphs, exactly like a game of kindergarten telephone. If you have to guts to spread your own rumors, you can learn a lot about your friends, your family, and your community -by doing so.

Just sayin’, random like.

First off: For those of you who have noticed my extended absence and reached out… Thank you so much!! Stuff like that is never forgotten during times of grief -even if not timely or properly acknowledged. Please know, you guys mean the world to me and I appreciate having you in my life. It is Lighter & Brighter because of you, dear Beacons. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Anyway… I had to retreat you guys. I was burned to the ground by love, at a time I was already burnt out on betrayal. I needed to step away from everything and everyone, so I could think clearly enough to re-evaluate my participation in this outreach, since all parties concerned were Initiates. For me, integrity is a core value. If someone (or something, IAM) continually lets me down, their days are numbered with me. I freaking bring it, I expect the men & women close to me, to do so as well.

If you read UDi & Me at: , you will see that I have not been alone as I walk thru this incredibly difficult time in my life. I have been supported by the only living entity that has never, NOR WOULD EVER -betray. My creator. Having this relationship back on track has actually made all the pain worth it.

Plus having a couple of darling men check in on me regularly, helped too 😉

HOWEVER… I still needed time without anyone else’s voice in my head. I had lost my perspective, and the only way I could possibly regain it, was by retreating for awhile so I could rest, reexamine, and rehab.

So that is what I have been doing. That and creating my arse off!

I can tell by your subscriptions, many of you have really enjoyed our latest edition to the IN Crowd. ILLUMINATIAM Global, our alternative news driven outreach, is an online news publication with very clear intentions. The purpose of the ‘paper’ it to seek an audience we would not otherwise reach. As we develop this resource, it will reflect more of our own content. For now, it waits in line for it’s evolution and upgrades. But they are coming. If you have not see our publication yet, you can view it here: ILLUMINATIAM Global. Please pay particular attention to the Editors Note.

Prior to my ‘time out’, Justin Di and I decided c22 had finally reached the place in which it could be autonomous going forward. While there were many objectives along the way, c22 has ultimately earned the right to stand alone as a reliable resource available to ALL Initiates, regardless of group. Everything an initiate needs to know to get started, can be found at:

We asked the incredibly dedicated and bi-lingual Aby Manzanares to serve as our Social Outreach Director, and she has graciously agreed to man the c22 profiles on behalf of Pyramidion. She has been at it for weeks now, and is doing a remarkable job! So no, c22 did not die. The Council has reached her apex, and the work of those who contributed to her mission is now a reliable beacon for new Initiates, for years to come.

Speaking of Apex… that group is no longer in existence either. Neither c22 or Apex were in complete alignment with the organizational model used by The Illuminati, of which they were both designed to be a LIVE demonstration of. Pyramidion was a course correction designed to more accurately reflect what Initiates would encounter, were they invited to rank. The Illuminati organization uses a hierarchical structure. All of which are beholden to a governing council. While we do not yet have enough members to mimic a governing council. We are hoping to grow this thing there.

Just like with The Illuminati, Pyramidion is also invite only. Members are chosen for outstanding service towards their fellow Initiates, regardless of their chosen method of doing so. All were hand chosen. Not all who were chosen -served the Initiate Network prior to their invitation. It is not a requirement before. It certainly will not be now. Pyramidion is comprised of Initiates who have demonstrated character and integrity in leadership to me. The people I wanted to shine a spotLight on -for IAM. These are the leaders I said I would help them find. These are the folks you can count on to be continued examples of Initiate excellent, or they would no longer be working with us.

Pyramidion is a seat of honor for those who have merited this distinction among their peers. This is without a doubt, the most mature, most stable, and most dynamic team I have worked with to date. I am really so proud of them all, it is a privilege to present them to their peers in this way. To learn more about us, visit: Pyramidion

For those who missed the memo, our newest member is the resilient & remarkable Sophia Jennifer G! We have watched this lovely lady blossom in the last few years, and it is a pleasure to sing her praises publicly. While she wears several hats and is always willing to wear another, Sophia has recently accepted a role as Security Liaison to iMark Radio. Please take time to congratulate her on both counts, if you haven’t already.  She is one to have on your side, for sure!

Now that you are up speed on any changes you might have missed with the “IN Crowd”. You can expect to see more from iMARK Radio as we move deeper into our long term goals. Speaking of which, we are always looking for Initiate Testimonials to include on station. I love those so much. People’s journeys fascinate me. If you have never clicked in and looked at all the available content on audio, please consider checking us out at: iMARK Radio You can learn more about our station and standards here: iMARK iNFO.

The station has an ever growing body of work we are quite proud of. We are thrilled to say, 4 of our original programming show files were picked up by iHeart Radio! We are on all other relevant platforms as well. If you struggle reading English, listen to ILLUMINATIAM in audio. We have everything IAM has every released in both English and Spanish, thanks to our epic International Communications team, led by the sweet and sensible John Mwalwala aka Darling Dolly. This team is the current incarnation of ‘linguistics’, the backbone of our contribution to The Illuminati’s Public Outreach & their Globalist agenda. We can reach more people in more places, if we can speak to them in their native tongue. This is an ongoing project. If you speak a language not yet fully covered here, on iMARK or at Illuminati Avenue Forums and would like to serve IAM by translating their work, please reach our to John.

Please note. We requested permission to translate, distribute, audioize, and celebrate the Illuminatiam’s publications, in accordance with the Law AND the Tenet of Value and Trade.

So there you have it. The rumors of our demise are correct. I got gutted, and the Initiate Network has been under construction for some time now, in prep for our final renovations. We have settled on our revised operational model and will now execute it. Part of doing so, means supporting other groups who are a path towards becoming Illuminati. Those we feel are exemplary will be singled out for endorsement by this body in a coming page titled: Hall of Fame. While we will no longer be using our previous operational model, we are HaPpy to see others continue to improve upon, and replicate it. If you can build a better “mouse trap”, by all means, PLEASE do!

If you have a group that you admin and would like us to consider it for endorsement, please reach out to us by email. We would love to see your work! Breaking with previous Network policy, going forward we will be recognizing and celebrating those who we believe are excellent examples of folks who are on a path to becoming Illuminati. We will also feature other standouts, as they occur. There is much on the horizon as we upgrade and professionalize our current resources.

There is even more to look forward to, as we move into the future as a cohesive outreach. We are not meant to remain a collection of disenfranchised groups. There is central leadership to look towards for guidance, and we will be taking us all into the next phase of our beloved outreach shortly.

Remember Beacons, the unity we seek goes well beyond our IAMFAM. Our mission has always been (regardless of ancillary offshoots) to reach all people in all places, not preach to the choir. This is an all Willing hands on deck gig.

We invite you to continue the journey with us by sharing the resources that are freely and readily available to you. Initiate Lexi Roeder made the perfect go-to-graphic for us below. Use it if you are sick of repeating yourself like we were, we think it’s invaluable.

OK! Whew.

I think I covered everything?! No wait. Sec 77 under the Direction of Brad Adams, is no longer part of the Initiate Network directly, as their reach extends well beyond just us. The services he and his team provide, can be utilized by all by request, regardless of Initiate status.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please respond within 24 hours before the comment section is closed. Unfortunately I have adjusted the commenting window to minimize the amount of crazy my stalker sends. This is a temporary measure. He is also on our list of things to do 😉

I gotta tell you, we are so grateful to those of you who support our work. Your encouragement has gotten us thru some very dark places during our ongoing learning curve. We are so thankful there are Lights like you guys out there, who truly understand this is not a competition, but rather a system by which we can all become better versions of ourselves. Thus imprinting a new pattern of personal excellence upon humanity -by example.

Finally, I would like to publicly thank the ever brill Justin Di, for his amazing insight as we brainstormed this thing into alignment with my long term goals. If you seriously want a point of view you haven’t thought of yet, this guy is the one to consult. And the consummate encourager, Nick Hastie… your uncanny ability to uplift at precisely the right time, is a true gift. Thank you for sharing it with me!


Initiate of the Illuminati Level 1.1 Verified