Fear Not & Fill In

OK Beacons. I see this thing is gonna be dragging out for awhile. Almost seems like ‘the cure’ is worse than ‘the condition’, eh? How are you guys doing? I know some of you guys have got to be worried about your finances, jobs, childcare etc. ? I feel for you all so much!! I have my own concerns, but I know how to leave it in the hands of fate, through faith. I also know how to do my part to help facilitate the inevitable in my life.

 I thought we could talk about things if you guys want. I am “non-essential”, so I personally have plenty of time on my hands to uplift anyone who might be needing it? Just thought I would throw it out there. Reach out below if you want to chat it out.

 If you would like a more private venue in which to vent. You can do so here: iMarkRadio@gmail.com. I will make sure someone in the Initiate Network reaches back out to you.

For those who are unaware, Pyramidion hosts ‘Go Fund Me’ campaigns that support Initiates of the Illuminati. If any of you have had to start one as a result COVID-19, please contact them ASAP. We would be HaPpy to help bring exposure to your legitimate fundraisers!

Remember… Fear Not and Fill In!

Meet a need somewhere, no matter how small. We can resume our bullshit later. For now, serve someone. Be a shining example of what it means to be Illuminati, to those in your immediate sphere of influence. We WILL get through this thing!

Thanks guys!!


For those who are already on it… Please enjoy this satisfying way to tune out, below.


11 thoughts on “Fear Not & Fill In

      1. If you publicly apologize for discarding our unique illuminated society, we will appoint you as the cheerleader of newcomers.
        Alpha Illuminati Master

  1. You fucking saggy – boobed scamming old slut, your whole scam including illuminatiam, dodis illuminatiofficial and lirim is registered for “Helen Milano”, the mob’s chief. You are such morons that you neglected paying for hiding your scam center, which is located in 8549 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills, 90210. The shithole under the title “United Mailboxes” delivering your crappy products. We will pay your boss a visit and then we are coming to “blow you” at your place, fatty. Besides, you invited us.

    Delta Illuminati Master

    “I waded through much of my despair myself. My story didn’t read like a made for tv movie in which the drunk punk comes home & beats his wife over cold carrots. My tormentor was much more ritualistic than that. And his level of abuse seemed damn near professional. So it wasn’t like I could point to something and simply say, “it was like that”. That is what I experienced…Help me Please!”
    “He would go on and on and on. Screaming, frothing, accusing, threatening. It was jealousy on crack or something, I don’t know. I had never seen any behavior like that before in my life. He would work himself into a lather, quite literally, with me pinned down on the bed underneath his salivating hatefilled words. He continually shouted insults, and things I don’t even remember, because it went on for hours. And I tuned out.
    I was kept awake until 4am every morning, and then expected to perform as a “wife” afterwards. Rape.”
    “In my case, I was recognized as a Community Leader, for things I had done in the years prior to the opening of the Members Portal. I am by no means, the only person the Illuminati witnessed go above and beyond in their efforts to spread and share The Illuminati’s messages.”

    That’s all Beacons! I am the illuminati leader! Chosen by my fat ass! Go buy dodis jewelry and my books! I will open 60 blogs! I will broadcast the testament’s crap! I will show you my saggy boobs and chubby thighs! I will even get raped! I will do anything to have my share from da bussiness! FEAR NOT Beacons, because I am scared to death! I think you will stop buying the crap I advertise and I will die as a plain scammer!

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