FEAR NOT! (Covid-19)

FEAR NOT Beacons! 

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What exactly are you afraid of?

The following is my brief official statement regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic. It will be followed by additional, on topic information. This is a living document, and I will add more relevant information as I find it.

Hopefully, we will hear something from The Illuminati soon, as well.

“While sheep among us may panic, the truly Illuminati minded will not stampede. We arm ourselves with the most accurate knowledge available, and act accordingly. We are not swayed by breathy chaos junkies, or irresponsible leadership with a political jockey in the race. We calmly research 360-Style. We compare. We contrast. We correlate. We reasonably conclude. In this spirit, I implore those of you who fancy themselves Illuminati, be it Citizen Member or Initiate, to behave as such. Remember, any declaration of affiliation with the Illuminati publicly -shines a Light on us all. Please conduct yourself in a manner that is representative of what we preach. It is imperative that we all remain calm, so others might find comfort in our ability to navigate the storm. We are not Illuminati in name only, we are the actions that our ideals underscore. As curators of a New Age, we must learn to lead in times of turmoil.

Please… Never ever lose sight of this, Beacons.”




“The sheer scale of our global panic, is unnerving for me to watch. Not because of a pathogen, but because of the people.” 




I can promise you, this is not the thing that will take us out a species. So freaking out as if it’s the end of the world, is not only an outrageous failure to read the room, it is dangerously counter-productive. Please use your common sense, use your best hygiene practices, use epic sanitation methods worthy of a hospital, and/or social distance yourself invisible, but for the love of god guys…


It makes us look so stuuuuuuuupid to the aliens!

(comic relief)




Even IF this were the horrific global plague the talking heads are painting it as, panicking would still serve NO ONE! In fact, panic always exacerbates any situation considerably. ALWAYS. Panic is a form of surrender that wastes precious time, and complicates any call to action. A call which might actually be dependent on our timely, and thoughtful response. Please resist the urge to freak out, Beacons. Panic is what is leading to the lock downs, and financial loses that are just now beginning to be felt worldwide. Regardless of what leadership might advise, running half-cocked through your local grocery store fighting your way to the TP isle, is strictly our own ignorance in motion. Our actions, an ironic plot twist, on a planet full of folks who consider themselves people of faith, no? So again, take a deep breathe, and look at other points of view, which will help put this thing in proper perspective for you.

The following viewpoint is from an excellent article from The Atlantic.

“If you want to panic, go right ahead. It’s what we do. It’s what your ancestors did. Then be afraid. Eventually, however, roll up your sleeves and get to work, scrubbing this bug back to whatever its host species happens to be. We’ll get there. Humanity has so far survived every microbe that has jumped the species barrier, and we will survive this one.”  -Karl Taro Greenfeld (Author of China Syndrome)


So much of what we are experiencing is an avoidable catastrophe. We need to examine the consequences of irresponsible leadership, and who exactly profits from spooking the herd. We need to deeply consider any and all political ramifications, as well. Regardless of what is at play here I promise you guys, toilet paper alone, wont fix it. We must wade into the deep end of this thing, and grapple with our own fears of illness and the afterlife. Because this is a grossly disproportional response to something that is not going to thin our herd in any significant way. So really, what is happening here? What can be learned by watching ourselves react to this contagion? What can be learned about our governments response? These are things we need to consider going forward, before the next pandemic. Because there will be a next one. I have lived through many. So will you, and your descendants.

  1. (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world.


Even as I compose this, the best and brightest minds on this planet are diligently working on solution driven damage control. Others are working on a vaccine. As DATA is drawn for future study, people of compassion and integrity are already committed to managing any future crisis of it’s kind, with more precise navigation. We must be ever vigilant to protect our species from both natural and man-made threats. We also must refine our ability to reasonably evaluate any threat. Perhaps set threats of this nature on a scale supported by data driven risk assessment, to avoid unintended consequences. There is no good that can come from the cancellation of almost everything, and the financial fallout that predictably will follow in its wake. As we suffer through the painful results of our fear, please remember many of these consequences were avoidable -had cooler heads prevailed~


Below is some more perspective for your consideration. Let’s try and get through the rest of this with some dignity please. It is just good practice, in the unfortunate event some real serious shit goes down. We must control ourselves, if we are to have any hope of controlling the outcome of future contagions.

COVID-19 virus, (a form of Sars) is an upper respiratory infection not unlike the flu. Some version of “bug”, goes viral and circles this globe every freaking year. (See statistics below) Like the flu, this particular bugger attacks the upper respiratory system, so those with underlying health issues like COPD, are most at risk of complications, regardless of age. Unfortunately, a fractal few humans will succumb to those complications, regardless of mortality rate. This is a common occurrence, however uncomfortable that is to except as a human. It is an unmovable bottom line, Beacons. People pass away. Does it really matter how? Is any loss ever timely?

Is this why they are running?

Do they not know, they are eternal?


Severity of coronavirus cases in china 1




Contrasting number of cases to population in Italy. Again, fatalities are fractal.



These are the words of Marc Serota MD, an immunologist:

“Take it from me: The poor who stood at the door of the ER to triage people in 2009’s swine flu (H1N1) hysteria. The over reaction is exponentially worse than the actual problem and in 2020 the over reactions I’m seeing are remarkable. In cold and flu season you’ll probably get sick once or twice for about a week each. You might even get this particular coronavirus and most of you won’t even know it. I’ve seen people raiding supermarkets, major meetings and sporting events getting cancelled and fear/racism towards Asian people. These reactions are totally unnecessary and panic based. Just do what you’ve always done during cold/flu season. Stay away from other people when you’re sick, wash your hands and keep them away from your face, and only go to the ER if you feel your symptoms are more severe than a bad cold/flu (shortness of breath, high fever, etc.). And also realize you can’t live on earth and not get viral illnesses from time to time. It’s a part of nature.” -Marc Serota MD, practicing in Kansas.


Please continue your thoughtful research below & beyond: 





For those in the USA:

As testing for COVID-19 expands, cases are being picked up across the U.S., confirming what disease experts have predicted: that the virus has been here for some time and is making people sick. The most detailed breakdown of symptoms of the disease comes from a recent World Health Organization analysis of more than 55,000 confirmed cases in China. Here are the most common symptoms and the percentage of people who had them:

·         Fever: 88%

·         Dry cough: 68%

·         Fatigue: 38%

·         Coughing up sputum, or thick phlegm, from the lungs: 33%

·         Shortness of breath: 19%

·         Bone or joint pain: 15%

·         Sore throat: 14%

·         Headache: 14%

·         Chills: 11%

·         Nausea or vomiting: 5%

·         Stuffy nose: 5%

·         Diarrhea: 4%

·         Coughing up blood: 1%

·         Swollen eyes: 1%


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There is no need to fear the road when you have a map. There is no need to fear the dark when you follow the Light. Share our message of hope with your family, friends, and associates. ▲

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