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Waiting on anyone or anything, REALLY drives me into a ditch. For someone who considers herself “Illuminati”, I am ashamed to say I am not terribly patient. Please note, I am not terrible at my patience either. I’m at my most impatient, if I am waiting in some kind of pain. While I have certainly learned the immeasurable value of patience since The Illuminati found me. I just haven’t mastered the skill to my own liking; yet. I am an A type, solution driven, get-er-done kind of gal, so waiting on others is not something I love to do. I love it even less, if I cannot move forward without someone else doing their part, first. Grrrr.

What most do not understand about patience, is that she isn’t just about waiting. Waiting requires no skill, or action on our part what-so-ever. There is no virtue in waiting. Waiting is typically forced, not fancied. It is HOW we wait, that determines how virtuous our patience is. I am just not good at it yet. I’m just not, and I own it. As luck would have it, life provides many opportunities for me to practice. I’m experiencing a delay right now that is testing me 6 ways to Sunday. This is why I want to revisit this with you, Beacons. Patience is so highly revered by The Illuminati, we must strive to make sure our patience is operating on max.

I said MAX. 

Let’s look at the definition of patience again. Because it really says it all. In fact, given this description, every human falls short. Patience exists on a sliding scale for us all. Our level of angst is often directly proportional to our level of discomfort. So waiting on an acceptance letter from your favorite University might be far more stressful, than waiting on pictures from your colleagues wedding. Even so, I do not know one person (yet) who has mastered patience. I do not know anyone (yet) who is capable of suffering without getting upset, unless they have a martyr complex.  So I see no reason why we need to beat ourselves up for missing the mark. We just need to continually strive towards its mastery.


To the Max!

  1. The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

I am currently waiting on something extremely important to me that has yet to arrive. On most days, I do OK with the waiting. But every few days or so, I will lose all my patiently won ground, as I hurl myself into the ditch; face first. On days like that, I am everything BUT tolerant of the delay! In others words, I get upset, and/or angry. Fully so. It’s not like I am proud of this in fact, it is embarrassing given the crowd I run with. Gads, now that I think about it, that’s probably the reason why IAM hasn’t sent me an invite yet. HA! Regardless, I am really working on this aspect of my character, for my own sake.

Delays are not always a bad thing, nor is a change in plans. In fact, it could actually save your life, or start you on a more rewarding life path. I am of the belief delays, hurdles and obstacles always mean something. ALWAYS. If you find yourself in a delay of any length, it might be time to analyze the situation in depth. There is something to be gleaned there, so pay attention. For example, you can find out a lot about someone by watching how they deal with and process an unexpected hindrance. With larger roadblocks, much can be ascertained by simply taking a wait and see attitude. I believe this is why The Illuminati likes roadblocks. Only the most committed will move through the disappointment, discouragement, and discomfort that comes with significant set backs or detours.

In hindsight, I could have saved myself a lot of tears and turmoil if I had just been patient and watched -before engaging myself prematurely. I could have also learned a lot more about myself and others, had I adopted this attitude earlier on in my journey. Patience knows things I do not, which she will HaPpily reveal in time. But you have to be in ‘observation mode’ to detect them. Most things work themselves out naturally. We can see this is true by just observing things as they unfold, without interference or attachment. Once all the data is in, it is far easier to maximize the situation when the blockage has finally be removed, anyway.

Patience is ALWAYS right.


I believe this is why The Illuminati themselves are such prolific watchers. The two really go hand in hand. No matter what has happened, waiting (especially while in observation mode), almost always provides the missing data necessary to successfully proceed. At the very least, it certainly never fails to deliver something unexpected. The most fascinating thing about viewing things from the rear view mirror, is that many things resolve themselves with little to no effort on my part. Even knowing this to be proven truth in my life, I am still struggling to cap the passion that compels me to foolishly rush in. But I will figure it out. I want to practice what I perceive to be Illuminati-grade patience. The kind of patience that sees the hidden handiness in delay, and is always operational. To the max.

If you are so inclined, I invite you to level up your patience game with me. I promise you, patience is never wrong. I have noticed there seems to be an art to waiting. Look for yourself. Commit yourself to watching things unfold for longer than you normally would, before jumping in. Consider exploring what the delay might be trying to show you. When you are forced to wait on something, watch how that effects you personally, and how it effects the others with whom you are waiting. How does it make you feel to not be in control? What are you learning as you wait? Look for signs and symbols, because I swear they are the most prevalent during this time. What is the Universal Design trying to teach? Or is the UD trying to share vitally important information with you? There is something to be learned here. If you are open to looking deeper into the artistry of delay, practice watching your world through the eyes of Illuminati-grade patience, and see what’s really going on~




9 thoughts on “Illuminati-grade patience~

  1. Hi ~V, patience is a great topic. I learned patience at the portal. Today, I can wait, and I can really wait forever. I learned to learn a skill very very well means grinding to almost a halt kind of speed. The funny thing is that it take much much shorter time to learn this way than trying to grasp as much as possible in the shortest possible time. And you’re right. If I knew this back then, I would be in another dimension of life. I thank the Illuminati and I thank you. Illuminati-grade patience is eternal.

  2. Practicing patience allows things unfold themselves without our unnecessary influence. A lot can be learned at this “desparing” moment. Thanks V~ for sharing the Light.

  3. Great read as usual V, you touch on all the points and your way with words always helps me focus and zero in on important details. Patience in particular has been my very focus for a few years now. As you say, we all struggle with it from time to time. I believe you’re as close to mastering it as any human could be…just realizing you’ll never be perfect but taking the steps needed to be better at it…with love…

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