Climbing the Pyramid

As we struggle to climb the pyramid Initiates, our worldview becomes more expansive and we gain more clarity.

The path is steep & challenging. The view, magnificent and breathtaking. It is worth every hardship we must endure, to follow the Light to the summit.

Even as we slide back down, due to missteps or miscalculations along the way, do not be discouraged IAMFAM! If this path was easy, it would not be worthwhile. Only the most tenacious among us, will ever see the peak.

So if you find yourself taking one step forward, and two steps back, keep going. If you get knocked down, get back UP!

Press on under pressure, and you WILL prevail~

4 thoughts on “Climbing the Pyramid

  1. Well, V, you was RIGHT.I felt, like, giving up but I received a promising, phone call, just a little while ago that gave me hope!

    And, now, I am smiling again…

  2. Of course Sister V, even me I experience such hardship but I’m thankfully safe in the Light my HOPE is stronger than I imagine, I always keep on PRESSING ONWARD.

    As we all remember the Illuminatiam Testament mentioned “Hardships are always Temporary”.

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