There you are Beacons!  

Don’t mind me. 

I’m just over here quoting myself…

For posterity~


For those with Flower Power over 50:

I don’t know why folks think unity is everyone choosing coke in a can.

When it should be obvious by now, it’s Kumbaya, man~



For those keeping score:

We are not really divided. Once 10% of us wake up and remember that, the 100th Monkey will instantly unite ALL of Humanity. Like in a freaking twinkling. Which is faster than Light Speed, Bro~



For ALL Americans in these UNITED States:

Nothing says unity like unique individuals with expressly different perspectives, madly in love with a central theme~ 





8 thoughts on ““UNITY QUOTES”

  1. At some point it is a relief that the researchers finally come to the conclusion that we humans do not originate from the monkeys since monkeys do not have the same chromosomes type X or Y as we have..that some people resemble monkeys or are in their liver as a monkey against others are not something you can blame other people for :)its another thing he he
    Maybe not what the subject is about directly, but maybe worth telling anyway 🙂

  2. For what is worth in in every individual there is potential , something that one day in a Time of need or necessity one could benefit from , I remember reading that a leader’s ultimate challenge would be when there is no one else to follow , I treasure every skill I can master but I AM no master of people just mastering the trade I always had a relationship with responsibilities we all better recognize it to be a fact , being smart is of value just as there is value in Knowledge , so by valuing Unity we all get the chance to grow but it is always the smart that will lead , to what , where or why we all have individual’s paths but we also have responsibilities in common . Just thinking out loud .

  3. Speaking of “UNITY”, in your “moo”, would IAM council plan on helping or doing anything about in tazewell county, VA, dealing with the threats and harassment from the “kkk” it is very unfortunate that this is still around and going on.

      1. I am in the mindset of there are things that I would want to be in the action and process of taking care of problems, but as it has been said it all is patience, and everybody has their place and role in the grand scale of things. I just feel I have lost so much of the power or possibilities I once had since I was hurt, but then again comes the idea and topic of role and learning the path that is set for each of us. I know there are things I feel I am drawn to do that would help but, my mind set and physical abilityare two different and colliding forces. Though I am of few words I feel as a more actionable figure. Although words are power and the “WEALTH” of IAM. Am I making sense???

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