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      1. I am discovering very intresting steps in this journey every day since I became concious of it.
        The journey started the day I was born but I am concious of it only the time I joint this Organization.And I am Happy and excited.
        Today, I discovered that Leadership is appointed in Iluminatiam by higher Spiritual wisdom not Human consideration.
        Light, Life,Love.

  1. Just a question, on being verified I know ahhhhh not another one, but, being verified or recognized by tha IAM, I know that there are three levelz or typez of memberz, but does tha final one mean actually being accepted and noticed as a full actual member of tha society???

    1. First off…It means it would be a secret.
      So you won’t ever know who gets in all the way, and who doesn’t.
      But they would remove the shackles of hardship, so that you could focus strictly on your role in the universal design. And I believe you get a “title”.
      I do not see that happening to me whatsoever. I am not cool enough to run with the best & brightest on this planet. However I can help lead this outreach and use my unique voice, to help folks find The Illuminati & follow the Light!
      I’m here for humanitarian reasons not monetary ones, myself~

      1. Why would you have self doubt??? In I guess “moo” as you say it iz human nature to wish for or have tha dream of having tha status or being “looked up too” which I think in tha largest percentage of “living beingz” wantz. Though a lot of people look down on people who boast or flash it around, I’m sure thatz why it iz kept a secret and talismanz are made so that one can look at another and see that they are coming from tha same place so to speak. Right??? That way there iz respect .

        1. I had no idea there were any honors to be earned. So it wasn’t like I was striving to earn any. But I am proud of my accomplishments. There is nothing wrong with that~

      2. I asked a question a few weeks ago. Never got a response. How does my number of followers increase on portal when it is shut down?

        1. Once again. Most of portal is open. I suggest you actually login and see for yourself. It would’ve been obvious to you, had you done so sweetie~

  2. Thank you princess for this wonderful information, also a very big thanks to IAM for this big honour. A very big encouragement to all. It will also motivate and a sense of belonging. Tanx once more.

      1. Good Morning, How are you?
        It has been a while.
        I take it you closed the other site we worked on together briefly?

        1. I did, I could not afford it at the time. Plus I was knee deep in other things. My offer still stands, I will build you a forum if you would like to have one still!!

  3. Hello Princess.How are you and the family?. Thanks a lot for your messages.I am grateful.Thank you for sharing the Love, the light, and loyalty.Let the light continue to shine. Illuminatiam,IAM. I recommend you to follow our humanitarian organization official website for more info. I put all of my life to Serving the the Humanity.And support us.
    Best regards.

    Ambassador Ahmad.
    Founder.CEO, DIRECTOR GEN.

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